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A Conversation with Edith Dekyndt
Catherine  de Zegher

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Edith Dekyndt, ‘Ne pas laver le sable jaune,’ until 21 October 2023, Galerie Greta Meert, Brussels,

In the run-up to Edith Dekyndt’s new exhibition at Gallery Greta Meert in Brussels, Catherine de Zegher met with the artist. Their conversation explored listening, tuning, materials and cyclical rhythms, agency and resistance, and ultimately the conviviality of humans and nonhumans on earth.

CdZ: Since the very beginning, when I look at your work, I have always been struck by your attention to, sensitivity with and care for materials. Of course, many artists have a relationship with the material world, but yours is dedicated to listening to and hearing each material itself, in the sense that Anni Albers expresses in her writings:

‘How do we choose our specific material, our means of communication? ‘Accidentally.’ Something speaks to us, a sound, a touch, hardness or softness. It catches us and asks us to be formed.…

Edith Dekyndt, Studio views, August 2023. ‘Ne pas laver le sable jaune,’ Greta Meert September 2023, photo Pierre Henri Leman