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Interview  GLEAN ENG 2


A Conversation with Nairy Baghramian
Hans Ulrich  Obrist

Praktische info

Nairy Baghramian, ‘S’éloignant’, through 27 January 2024, De 11 Lijnen, Oudenburg,

In 2022, Hans Urlich Obrist visited Nairy Baghramian in her Berlin studio, where the Iranian-born German artist was busy making preparations for an intimate exhibition at De 11 Lijnen in Oudenburg titled ‘S’éloignant’, which opened in October 2023. A conversation about invisible pedestals, ‘site-responsive’ art and public sculptures as spaces without doors.

HUO (Hans Ulrich Obrist):
You’ve developed your studio into an artwork.

NB (Nairy Baghramian):
It’s almost as if I became ‘one’ with the studio during the intense renovations we did during the pandemic. Thanks to all the individual decisions we made and the fact that we renovated almost everything ourselves, it doesn’t just feel like an empty shell.

What’s this? (Gestures towards drawing cabinet)

Things you’re not allowed to see yet. (Laughs)


Nairy Baghramian, 2023, photo Jonas Van der Haegen