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Sole per Sol / Pietra per Pietro

An Artist's Residency at Sol Lewitt's house

“The Amalfi coast is an area of great physical beauty and natural diversity. It has been intensively settled by human communities since the early Middle Ages. There are a number of towns […] with architectural and artistic works of great significance” stated UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), following the region’s official addition to the World Heritage List in 1997.

Besides its breath-taking landscapes and renowned seafood, it is considered to be a land at the crossroads of several cultures, with historical influences from Islamic to Christian culture, which have shaped its strong Mediterranean identity.
Many artists attracted by the coast have travelled in this outstanding landscape and territory throughout the 20th century and have been amazed by the local craftsmen’s techni…

Casa L’Orto, LeWitt house, Praiano residency of Luke James. (c) Antoine Espinasseau