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Kunst in Quarantaine | Video

ARGOS TV: Emily Vey Duke & Cooper Battersby

De coronacrisis heeft in een mum van tijd een enorme impact gehad op de reeds precaire kunstensector. Met de nieuwe rubriek Kunst in Quarantaine biedt HART online gratis extra content aan: videowerken, foto’s, livestreams, virtuele walkthroughs, en zo meer. Hiermee willen we een positief antwoord formuleren op hoe de beeldende kunstsector vandaag in de klappen deelt van de pandemie, en een hart onder de riem steken van kunstenaars en organisaties.

ARGOS TV brengt oude en nieuwe werken uit de ARGOS collectie naar uw pc, tablet of smartphone. Elke vrijdag wordt er een film beschikbaar gesteld op hun website, een week lang, geheel gratis.

Momenteel online:
Emily Vey Duke & Cooper Battersby: You Were an Amazement on the Day You Were Born (2019)

'You Were an Amazement on the Day You Were Born' is a visually stunning film that follows a woman through a life characterized by damage and loss, but in which she finds humor, love, and joy. With a score that follows the span of Lenore’s life, from her birth in the early 70s to her death in the 2040s, the film takes us from moments of harrowing loss to those of poignancy and dark humor. Her life is told through voice over, narrated by performers who range in age from nine to sixty-nine, and is beautifully illustrated with images of animals (including humans), insects and landscapes.

Film theorist Eli Horwatt writes “You Were an Amazement... conveys how the human animal’s ineluctable death drive can be the source of both profound comedy and tragic cruelty. In the many stories relayed across this short but voluble film, viewers are invited into an intimate identification with the experiences of marginalized others.”

Featuring Becca Manley, who played Shelly in Clio Barnard’s The Selfish Giant, Barbara Woodford in Shane Meadows’ This is England 86, 88 and 90 and Mary in the recent adaptation of PK Dick’s Electric Dreams for BBC Channel 4.