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Brussels Unpolished

Anna  Smolak

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‘Moussem Stages,’ from 6 to 21 October 2023, Brussels,

Drawing from her own experience, curator Anna Smolak highlights various aspects of working in the arts as part of a practice of slow attention. Smolak, who was born in Poland and has a background of curating in Eastern Europe, makes a plea for alternative models of supporting and organising the arts in Brussels.

Why Brussels? It was not really a deliberate choice but rather the result of a combination of circumstances. Nevertheless, ideas often transcend the form we invent for them, and in my move to the city I was curious to explore the continuities and shifts between my present and past decisions and attitudes.

Late 2019 was hardly the most fortunate moment to relocate, as a global crisis soon followed in its many facets. In Poland, where I was born, the rapidly changing political climate affected all spheres of pu…

Naama Roth, Between The Suns, 2021, window installation, mixed media, courtesy the artist, photo Silvia Cappellari