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Carsten Höller
Phillip  Van den Bossche

Phillip Van den Bossche dives into the oeuvre of the intrepidly experimental Belgian-German artist Carsten Höller.

‘But the project was beyond issues of “identity” and “society” and “institutions”. Mine was a quest for a new spirit.’

— Ottessa Moshfegh, My Year of Rest and Relaxation, 2018

There is something about the 1990s: call it a brief moment of doubt. It’s inside those years, stored in a capsule. It occasionally flips open again, not like a UFO, but with headphones on ‘and with those eyes that you get | when your circumstance is movie-size’. There you are, flying round and round in a museum hall, two by two, each strapped in a harness, afloat on a mechanical merry-go-round, feeling fairly ridiculous and excited at the same time. It was late 1996 when this took place during Carsten Höller’s solo exhibit…

Carsten Höller, One Minute of Doubt, 1999, 2 channel digital video installation, 1 min, exhibition view Henie Onstad Art Center, courtesy the artist and National Gallery of Canada, Sandvika, © Attilio Maranzano