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Artikel  HART Nr. 197 special

Strebelle House - what attention forms

Sofie  Crabbé

Between the Brussels municipalities of Uccle and Linkebeek, at the end of a narrow, uphill, cobblestone road, partly hidden under vegetation, rises a modernist house-cum-studio (maison-atelier) built for Olivier Strebelle (1927-2017), one of the most prominent post-war artists of Brussels. Strebelle lived and worked at the house for 60 years. Beyond his ceaseless activity that resulted in a large oeuvre of sculptures, Strebelle was known for his good looks and charisma. Throughout his lifetime, House Strebelle was a hub for discussion and work. From April 2019 onwards, the maison-atelier now more or less perpetuates this impetus, in its new incarnation as a residency for artists. It is now called ‘studio-garden Verrewinkel’ and is a non-profit organisation managed by its director Julie Brunel, a generous hostess who is a spe…

Olivier Strebelle House, residency of Jacques Ligot. Foto (c) Antoine Espinasseau