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City Report | Inzicht  HART Nr. 201

Kunst in de republiek Kaapstad

Kathleen  Weyts

We are strongly for national unity, for seeing our country as a whole, not just in its geographic extension but in its human dimension. We want full equal rights for every South African, without reference to race, language, ethnic origin, or creed. We believe in a single South Africa with a single set of governmental institutions, and we work together towards a common loyalty and patriotism. Yet this is not a call for a homogenized South Africa made up of identikit citizens. … The objective is not to create a model culture into which everyone has to assimilate, but to acknowledge and take pride in the cultural variety of our people.

Fragment uit: Preparing Ourselves for Freedom: Culture and the ANC Constitutional Guideline by Albie Sachs

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Stellenbosch Triënnale, Hellen Nabukenya, installatiezicht Abalamu Baseesa Gwaka (The living keep up only the burning fire), 2020, foto Thekiso Mokhele