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I see / You mean  GLEAN ENG 2

Objects and Things Opening Up Space for Fun and Spectacle

Marlie Mul
Jessica  Gysel

Each month, Jessica Gysel invites an artist to take up space under the title I See / You Mean. A nod to the title of the 1970 collage novel by New York writer Lucy Lippard, an editorial snapshot, a carte blanche with an open ending.

Sometime around 2012 I was walking through the Frieze Art Fair in London and almost stepped into a kind of trompe l’oeil oil stain. The ‘stain’ turned out to belong to a series of works displayed on the floor of a gallery booth, not literal oil stains but solid black rain puddles made of resin and sand and sometimes a little bit of trash — a rather minimal and radical sculptural gesture for an art fair, I thought. I encountered them several times later in my own house which I had rented out to a curator for a while. He had installed one of the pieces in my living room.

All this says so…