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Interview | Guest Editor  GLEAN ENG 2

Oscar Murillo, The World Close at a Distance

Kathleen  Weyts

For each issue, GLEAN invites a Guest Editor to curate a section of the magazine. We interview them and ask them to invite three writers or artists who have influenced their practice (or who otherwise deserve our attention) to take up space in these pages. This Winter Issue's Guest Editor is Oscar Murillo.

KW (Kathleen Weyts):
You are in the middle of installing a studio in Brussels. Are you giving up the studio in London?

OM (Oscar Murillo):
I’m at a stage in my life where I’m wrapping things up; I’ve been on the road for about ten years now, accumulating work, stuff, travelling, … Today I have this vivid picture in my head of turning my back on the world. When I look at the catastrophe of humanity, it makes me want to go back to nature, to heal. To hide in nature as a kind of protection. I spent the summer cyclin…

Installation view Oscar Murillo, Frequencies at Cardinal Pole Catholic School, London, commissioned and produced by Artangel, courtesy the artist, © Oscar Murillo, photo Tim Bowditch