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Hamedine Kane invites Brahim Tall

Read the Body — Brahim Tall on his work
Brahim  Tall

Praktische info

‘Tukuleur’ is showing as part of ‘.TIFF 2023 – Emerging Belgian Photography,’ until 8 October 2023, FOMU, Antwerp,

Outtakes from ‘Tukuleur’ can be seen in a projected film at Museum Hof van Busleyden during ‘C0N10UR’, from September 9 to November,

GLEAN invited artist Hamedine Kane to contribute to this issue as a Guest Editor, inviting two writers and introducing the work of Brahim Tall. Tall’s work explores the politics and expression of identity, nightlife and underground culture. He combines photography with video, installation and performance. In his latest project, Tukuleur, he instructs dancer Stanley Ollivier to strike poses that directly invoke iconography from art history, set against a collaged backdrop of photographs taken in Belgium, Senegal and New York.

We often think of the camera as a neutral tool, but pointing a camera at someone is actually an act of aggression. Form and imagery influence our culture and the way we look. How we ‘read’ bodies is unconsciously controlled by how they are represented. That’s not a trivial issue, and, in my opin…

Brahim Tall, stills from the video installation Tukuleur, 2023, courtesy the artist