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Chaleur humaine

Els  Roelandt

Praktische info

‘Chaleur humaine – Triennale Art & Industrie,’ Frac Grand Large – Hauts-de-France, Dunkirk, until 14 January 2024,

Chaleur humaine (literally translated as ‘human warmth’) is the debut studio album by French singer-songwriter Christine and the Queens, released in 2015. It’s also the title of this year’s edition of the ‘Art & Industry Triennial’ in Dunkirk, France, a large-scale exhibition presenting more than 250 works by close to 130 artists, primarily from France, Belgium, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. The exhibition is developed in eight chapters which unfold at different locations in the small beach town: the LAAC (Contemporary Art and Action Museum), the FRAC Grand Large, the former AP2 shipyard workshop and other public spaces throughout Dunkirk.

Starting from 1972 and spanning to the present day, ‘Chaleur humaine’ explores themes such as oil, nuclear energy, landscape transformation, the body at work, fatigue, cars, pollution, recy…

Installation view ‘Chaleur humaine,’ © Martin Argyroglo