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Everybody Talks About the Weather

Barbara  De Coninck

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Everybody Talks About the Weather, tot 26 november 2023, Fondazione Prada, Venetië,

Actually the country that is most vulnerable to climate change is Italy. In the year 2000, 23 years ago, Italy would have few dozen extreme weather events in a year, now Italy has four extreme weather events every day! Italy is absolutely at the forefront of the climate crisis. In Italy no one should be talking about anything else. And I think it is true that there is a wide awareness of climate change in Italy.

— Amitav Ghosh, in: Dieter Roelstraete in Conversation with Amitav Ghosh1

Venetië is de snelst zinkende stad op het noordelijk halfrond. Dieter Roelstraete, de curator van de tentoonstelling Everybody Talks About the Weather die de Fondazione Prada tot 26 november 2023 in het sprookjesachtige palazzo Ca’ Corner della Regina uitrolt, windt er geen doekjes om: hij duidt de dogestad aan als *global warming’s fir…

Tentoonstellingszicht Everybody Talks About the Weather, 2023, Fondazione Prada, Venetië, courtesy Fondazione Prada, foto Marco Cappelletti