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Meredith Monk in Oude Kerk

Ezra  Babski

Praktische info

‘Meredith Monk: Calling,’ co-presented by Oude Kerk and Hartwig Art Foundation, through 17 March 2024, Oude Kerk, Amsterdam,, and through 3 March 2024, Haus der Kunst, Munich,

An ambitious and overdue retrospective seeks to bring the work of a legend to life. How do you do justice to decades of performance and teaching in an exhibition?

As the generation that pioneered performance in the 60s and 70s approaches (or passes) the octogenarian stage of life, a series of retrospectives has swept across Europe to honour their lifelong achievements or give (over)due recognition.1 The latest is ‘Meredith Monk: Calling,’ which opened this fall to great fanfare at the Oude Kerk in Amsterdam, the city’s oldest building and, since 2016, a major hub for contemporary art.

The show is a co-production between the Hartwig Art Foundation and Oude Kerk, curated by Hartwig Art Foundation director Beatrix Ruf in close collaboration with Monk herself and the House Foundation for the Arts, the organisa…

Installation view ‘Meredith Monk: Calling’ co-presented by Oude Kerk Amsterdam and Hartwig Art Foundation, with 16 Millimeter Earrings (1966/1998), photo Gert Jan van Rooij