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Studio Visit  GLEAN ENG 2

Che Go Eun

Tamara  Beheydt

As a young artist, finding a studio space is perhaps one of the greatest challenges. Not only does there seem to be a shortage of adequate infrastructures in densely populated cities such as Antwerp or Brussels, the rental prices are also very high. Level Five VZW is an artist cooperative managing several studio spaces in Brussels. I visited artist Che Go Eun in her shared studio space at Level Five’s Saint-Gilles location next to WIELS Contemporary Art Centre.

Level Five has been occupying this building since 2021. There are individual studios at the front and a communal studio at the back, where Che Go has set up a personal desk and which she shares with about a dozen other artists, designers, filmmakers and writers. When I ask if she has another space to store all her works, she smiles: ‘All my works are just very well packed and stac…

Che Go Eun, 2023, photo Tom Van Hee